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Alexander Technique lessons in Brighton, Hove & Portslade

What is the Alexander Technique?

Alexander Technique is a bit like a car driving lesson for the human body. In other words you learn to learn to drive your own self well - take the hand brake off, get in the right gear, understand how to use your wing and rear view mirrors... It's why it's so helpful for so many different things - when we know how to drive ourselves well we become better at whatever we are doing. Other therapies are more like a mechanic or something like that - they fix or repair but if you constantly drive with the handbrake on the fix won't last for long. 











You'll learn to use less tension when you move or sit or stand, especially if something stressful is going on like sport, public speaking or handling difficult emotions.

I use my hands and explanations to help you notice your tension habits and understand how to change them.

When you let go of tension in the right way you don’t end up feeling floppy or collapsed, you end up with freer, easier movement; lightness and flexibility – more like a springy free person than a heavy ‘relaxed’ half asleep person. You'll feel lighter and notice joy and fun more easily.













I teach people in person from my home in Mile Oak, Portslade, Brighton & Hove. Everyone who learns with me can't believe they weren't taught it before as it feels so great and makes everything so much easier for them. That's the same for managing pain or stress, playing an instrument, working in front of a computer or anything else you do. 


I encourage everyone to practise the technique for at least 5 minutes a day while lying down if they can because then it's easier to get it going when you're moving around.

It's really hard to describe the feeling you get when you learn how to let go of tension - it feels light and floaty when you move and it's much harder to get angry or stressed out over things. It gives you something to do with yourself when you don't know how to handle things - if you've got overwhelmed by something or just feel uptight. It's completely changed my life for the better and I love watching the people I teach have 'aha' moments and realise they don't have to have it so hard. 

Let me know if you want to chat or would like to try it out for free to start off with. I'm always happy to show it to anyone for any reason as I know how helpful it is.

Pain & Stress Management .jpg
hand on back edited_edited_edited.jpg
matt one handed.jpg

Using my hands to help Matt learn to let go of tension. 

Playing with using the techniques to walk and move around.

Letting go of tension in your legs really helps with efficient moving.

This is my partner Matt (aka Silverback Tarzan) applying what I've taught him to his hand stands and training.

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