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About Me
Tara Bentall

I use the self management skills I have learned as a way of balancing and organising my thoughts, feelings and behaviours to my best advantage every day. 

I'm so grateful to have learned how to self manage in this way and to be able to pass these life skills on to others.

I am a fully qualified Alexander Technique Teacher, registered with the Society for Alexander Teachers (STAT) and hold an enhanced DBS certificate. I am also a fully qualified Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist with the Association for Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy (AfSFH).

As well as working with private clients 1-2-1 I have also worked with Carolyn Nicholls at the Brighton College of Alexander Technique as an Alexander Teacher Trainer. 


Alexander Technique and Hypnotherapy both work on the principle that when you can quieten down the nervous system and come out of a stress response then everything function better. You can think more clearly to problem solve, you are physically more able to heal and function well. I uniquely am able to combine these two practises to find the best way forward with my clients.

The tools I use add calmness, assurance and interest to all aspects of my own personal life. They have helped me to become more self aware and make better choices and given me strategies to manage challenges and enjoy myself more.

As with everyone I have my own challenges and for me one of the things that brought me to this work is a genetic condition that affects my vision and causes sight loss. I have injections in my remaining good eye every 6 weeks or so and have now had over 50 injections in total. I am mentioning this because I want to demonstrate that the tools I use are not only designed to help people out of challenging situations but also to help manage situations which you can do nothing about, such as sight loss. I am not sure where I would be today without the tools I have, I imagine I would be much more frightened, angry and sad and possibly struggling to cope. But as it is I am happy, fulfilled, enjoying my relationships with my family and friends and generally in a good place.

 I love to share this knowledge, it's one of my absolutely favourite things to do as the process is highly enjoyable and as I see the difference it makes in my clients lives. The small but highly effective changes that make all the difference.

I used to be a professional gardener and I have a particular interest in Permaculture and sustainable design both environmentally and of communities. I have spear headed various community projects to support both the individuals within the groups and our environment. My work as therapist aligns with my principles around sustainability as I believe that when people are coping well, happy and self aware that they are in a great position to be supportive to their community, whether that is their individual smaller circle of family and friends or the wider community.

Another key interest in my life is horses and riding. I have two ponies that I share with my daughter and I have been involved with horses for nearly 40 years. I have an Equine Studies degree and am fascinated by animal behaviour and interactions.

My work draws from and feeds this knowledge too.

My work lifts me up, nourishes me and adds a beautiful gentle texture to everything I do.

I really look forward to sharing it with you!   

About Me

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