About Me
Tara Bentall

I use the Alexander Technique throughout the day as a way of coming back to myself, balancing and resetting. 

I'm so grateful to have been taught this approach to self management and to be able to pass it on to others.

I am a fully qualified Alexander Technique Teacher, registered with the Society for Alexander Teachers (STAT) and hold an enhanced DBS certificate.

I completed the three year full time training course at the Brighton Alexander Technique College with Carolyn Nicholls as Head of Training. I participate regularly in post graduate development and am proud to also be a Teacher Trainer at the Brighton Alexander Technique College.

Alexander Technique adds calmness, assurance and interest to all aspects of my life. It has helped me to become more self aware and make better choices and has given me tools to manage challenges and enjoy myself more.


Alexander Technique supports my journey as a parent of three children. It helps me to organise my physical and emotional self and have the skill to choose more appropriate responses.


Alexander Technique teaches grace, ease and poise and this brings increased joy and skill to my horse riding, yoga practice, cycling, walking, meditation, gardening and even housework.

It enables me to be more efficient, powerful and fluid and to stay present with what I am doing.

(See Improve Performance and Body & Mind)


Alexander Technique helps me keep balance and perspective with my genetic Vision Loss and health condition and has helped me to Manage Chronic pain. 

Other Qualifications:

BA Hons Equine Studies

Alexander Technique lifts me up, nourishes me and adds a beautiful gentle texture to everything I do.

I really look forward to sharing it with you!   

About Me