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Alternative Therapies & Alexander Technique for Managing Stress

Managing stress well is key to managing many health and pain conditions and to improving quality of life for everyone.


Stress is a natural part of life but we can manage our reactions and responses to it in a more or less helpful way.


Chronic stress can lead to an almost continuous low level state of fight, flight or freeze response and it's associated chemical and neurological changes.


This response can become so habitual and usual that it can go unnoticed by us as it just feels normal.


It can sometimes take a serious symptom to crop up before a person realises that they are stressed. For example, head aches, back pain, anxiety symptoms and panic attacks, high blood pressure and a multitude of other symptoms.

We may not always be able to change the causes of the stress but we can change our responses, both physically and mentally.

We can change our thought patterns around the stress to reduce or even eliminate it altogether.

We can manage our behaviour and circumstances in a way that reduces stress.

We can prevent much of the muscular tightening that often accompanies a stress trigger, this has a calming effect on the whole  nervous system.

I can help you feel calm, confident and energised whilst facing life's challenges.

Stress management skills for reduced pain, including lower back pain, shoulder pain, using Alexander Technique
Alexander Technique to release stress and tension and relieve painful back, joints, shoulders, etc

Managing our stress response is at the core of the Alexander Technique and the reason why the technique is helpful for so many different things.

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