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What I can help with.

Every one who comes to me has their own story and own reasons for wanting help and so I use my experience and learning to help them to find the best solutions for them.

For some this means lots of hands on work to help them deal with tension and pain or to improve the way they use their body in a specific activity, like sitting at a computer or in a sport, like horse riding.

For others, they may want to improve their confidence, manage anxiety or stress either in general or around a particular area of their life. They may wish to deal with low mood and lack of motivation. 

Sometimes people come for one thing and then find once they have resolved that then they would like help with another aspect of their life too. 

I think the benefit of the unique way that I work is that I am able to offer a truly mind and body therapy. I have depth and flexibility in my understanding to be able to teach people about how the mind and body interact having studied both aspects individually. I can teach people what they can do to help themselves. After the therapy has finished the results of that learning last for the rest of the persons life as they have learnt so much about how their mind and body works that helps them to have greater choice in how they use themselves. 

Contact Me

Call me on 07530 959 897 or email me with any questions or to see if I can help you. 

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