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What can Pain & Stress Management do for you?
The skills I teach are helpful for many aspects of life. Through learning them myself I have become much calmer, happier and more relaxed than I would have believed possible. My pupils also experience radical shifts in themselves and how they experience life just by understanding these simple tools.
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Manage & reduce chronic pain effectively.
including back pain, shoulder pain & joint pain.
Reduce physical & emotional stress.
including anxiety, tension & anger management.
Enjoy great posture & efficient movement.
Understand your body & mind in more depth.
Improve performance in sport, drama & music.
Develop confidence & presentation skills.

How does Pain & Stress Management work?


People come to me from many walks of life seeking treatment for their back ache, (especially low back pain and shoulder pain), sciatica, neck pain, repetitive strain injury (RSI), arthritis and for help with other many other types of joint or chronic pain. Many will have tried pain killers, chiropractors, osteopaths and even had surgery to try and prevent persistent, recurring pain. Often these treatments help but the pain returns and so they keep looking for different ideas.

Clients also come for help managing stress, to reduce anxiety or build confidence. They may want to learn to carry themselves with poise in challenging situations, eg public speaking, performing.

The links between pain and our response to stress are well documented. This could be physical stress (e.g. sitting for extended periods, repetitive strain injury (RSI) through repeated movements, sporting trauma, etc) or also emotional stress (anxiety, rushing, relationships, financial worries, our own thought processes, etc).

I teach Alexander Technique, an embodied mindfulness solution that can help you break the cycle of pain and stress. I can help you discover how you personally hold tension in your body that is part of your response to stress. Through hands on lessons you will learn how to release this through conscious choice and helpful thinking patterns whenever you wish.

Unlike a relaxation technique these skills can be applied while you are doing any activity, whether at your computer, doing housework or playing a sport. I can teach you how to help yourself manage pain and stress effectively for a happier, easier life.

I would love to hear from you by phone or email with any questions or to discuss whether the Alexander Technique could help you with your particular circumstances.

About Me
Tara Bentall
Alexander Technique Teacher

I came to the Alexander Technique as a result of wanting to manage my extremely rare genetic vision loss and health condition (Pseudo Xanthoma Elasticum).

I wanted to learn to lift well without strain as I had been advised not to lift weights or increase the pressure in my eyes. What I learned was so much more. Alexander Technique has indeed taught me to lift and to move well with minimal strain but is has also given me a way to feel comfortable in my own skin, to feel more confident and at ease, to be able to take my habitually rushed feeling and calm it down in everything I do. I have learnt a way to live more easily with myself and others. This is to do with the way I carry myself, my posture if you like, but it is so much more interesting than just standing up straight. It is a journey of exploration and letting go which I found incredibly exciting and rewarding and now love sharing with others as I help them to make their own lives easier.

Alexander Technique Teacher Portslade Hove Brighton horse riding back pain

I am a fully STAT registered Alexander Technique teacher and work with both private pupils and at the Brighton Alexander Technique College as a Teacher Trainer.

I also have a Ba Hons in Equine Studies as well as many years of experience with horses.

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