Body & Mind

The myth of separation of mind and body has been fairly comprehensively debunked by science in recent years. There is a massive amount of literature and studies that have been done to show how much of our'thinking' is done in the body and how much our 'thinking' in our mind affects our physiology.

As a result it is very clear now that how we inhabit ourselves affects our pain levels and healthy functioning.

Alexander Technique lessons are an amazing tool for learning to inhabit yourself in a thoughtful, mindful way.


You will learn to :​

  • Use your whole self well: 'come to quiet' in your thinking and your physical body.

  • Become more alert, confident and engaged in your day to day activities.

  • Find a helpful way to respond to the stresses, strains and unwelcome events in your life.

  • Increase self awareness and creativity.

  • Calm your nervous system - reduce anxiety and stress.

  • The Alexander Technique provides the skills to feel grounded and present in yourself and your environment.

  • You will learn to understand how inseparable your mind and your body are and that you can deliberately affect one with the other (and that you may be inadvertently affecting one with the other in an unhelpful way too!).

Mindful movement for an easier life!

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