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How Hypnotherapy works for Anxiety

Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy works by taking you through 3 key steps:

Step 1. Learn how anxiety is created.

Cutting edge neuroscience made easy. Learn all about anxiety in a practical useful way over a short period of time. This understanding will last you a life time. It is one of the most effective ways to beat anxiety.

Step 2. Talk things through with an expert.

Helpful guided discussion about what you want to change and how to get there. The Solution Focussed approach means you will NEVER be asked to go back over old traumatic events or re-live difficult experiences or challenges. We know from brain imaging and modern science that the mind finds it hard to tell the difference between imagination and reality – when we visualise something it is as though it is happening now. So when we go back over old difficult times the brain re-stores them in our memory and they have to be processed again. This processing can make people feel even more stressed and unable to cope with their day to day life.

If you want to feel better it can be more useful to look at patterns of thoughts and behaviour that you want to change, set clear achievable goals and then reach them. These goals could be to do with how you feel, family and relationships, work, healthy lifestyle or anything else you would like to achieve.

How you feel right now is largely caused by what you did yesterday, less than you might think by your history. You know for yourself that when you have slept well, eaten healthily, exercised, had fun with friends and got a load of stuff off your To Do list then you feel great. If you sat in front of a screen eating bags of crisps and chocolate by yourself in the dark until 3 in the morning and not achieved anything at all then you probably won't be at your best. Hypnotherapy helps you work out what changes will be helpful for you and then helps you get there.

Step 3. Trance.

The bit everyone looks forward to!

Lie back, relax and let the words wash over you as you get a great mental reset. No need to make any effort, no way of doing it wrong, no need to be ‘susceptible’.

Trance is easy for everyone. We now know what the brain pattern’s of someone in a trance are like and we know it’s not a special ‘hypnotic’ state that you only going into with hypnosis, it’s actually an ordinary mental state that everyone uses on a daily basis without even knowing. It is simply giving your focussed attention to something. Whether that is your own thoughts as they go along or to the words of your hypnotherapist as they guide you through the relaxation.

Don't underestimate the value of trance though. As you deeply relax you have an opportunity to think about things more clearly and gain different insights and ideas about your own situation. Your subconscious mind will pick out the words that you will hear that have meaning for you and you can even work with your hypnotherapist to build trance language patterns tailored to your specific needs and goals. You will gain a clear understanding of exactly what you want to achieve and how to get there. The only consistent way to get to your goal is to know clearly what it is and how to get there. This is the role of trance.

Is your goal to get your anxiety under control? To feel as though you're in the driving seat of your life and build your confidence, energy and joy? Life is never going to be perfect but it's great to feel that you're doing a good job of managing it well.

Give Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy a go. See how it can work for you for anxiety or if you want to make other life changes.

Book your Free Initial Consultation in person or online Here

Make life easier for yourself!

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