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Does Hypnotherapy Work for Anxiety?

Can hypnotherapy really work to make you feel more confident and relaxed?

How do you know if it can help you personally? Maybe you can't do it or it's not going to work on you?

How do you know you are feeling anxious? I didn’t even know I suffered from anxiety until I was told so by my counsellor when I was well into my thirties. I thought it was normal to feel worried most of the time. I would worry about what I had said or done – it would roll round in my mind for days sometimes, I would worry about my life choices – Am I doing the right thing? Am I dating the right man? Am I parenting well enough? Am I good enough at my job? Am I a good daughter to my mum? Should I have eaten what I ate? Should I lose weight? What am I going to do about money? It was a fairly relentless worrying going on throughout every day. It was my usual internal voice and I thought that it was normal. It was normal – for me and also for so many people I know.

Conversations with friends and family played out in the same way, exchanging worries is such a vital part of how we socialise. We bemoan our partners, our children, our lot in life. I had no idea that I didn’t need to feel like that all the time. Don’t get me wrong – I still love a good worry, I can slip into when I get over tired, overwhelmed with life events or just forget to notice what I’m doing.

But now I know how to get a break from it. I know how to switch it off and feel relaxed, confident, genuinely joyful and at ease. I have an understanding and skills that I can use for doing that. I have spent my life learning and training and working out how.

Hypnotherapy helps me & my clients

Hypnotherapy is not only about trance. It's a talking process too. You will learn how it works and how to do it. Learn how your brain works to create anxiety. Learn how to talk to yourself in the right way to make you feel good. Your thinking about your life will change. You get better at problem solving. You improve your sleep and your health. You see your relationships more clearly and deal with them more easily. You feel more confident at work. Have fewer phobias and hang ups. Leave old traumas in the past. Life becomes easier, more fun and joyful.

In short, hypnotherapy can help you to feel less anxious.

Try it now. Don't waste any more precious days worrying. Book Your Free Initial Consultation Today online or in person.

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