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Alexander Technique and Alternative Therapies for Vision Loss

The Alexander Technique is a fantastic tool for managing low vision and sight loss.

While it can not change the condition of the eye it can provide an approach to management and self care that is helpful. I have a genetic condition (Pseudo Xanthoma Elasticum) which behaves somewhat similarly to Macular Degeneration despite it not being age related. As a result I have no central vision in my left eye and my right eye is somewhat wavy and distorted although happily still functional for most things. Through the course of my vision changes I have used Alexander Technique to manage my wellbeing. I have found it tremendously helpful in terms of helping with the emotional impact of vision loss, the practical aspects of making the best use of the vision I have left and from the pleasure I have found in being able to inhabit my body more fully and usefully.


You will learn:

Techniques for improving balance & proprioception (feeling where you are in relation to your self and your environment).

To make the best use of the vision and / or senses you have and Improve Performance of everyday tasks.

A system for being process orientated rather than goal orientated. 

To reduce the tendency to strain to see better and create accidental tension in your eyes, face and whole self. 

To balance Body & Mind.

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