Anxiety, depression & Phobias

Thanks to modern imaging techniques and neuroscience we now understand a lot more about how anxiety, depression and phobias are created and how they can be successfully managed so that you no longer have to suffer.

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I can help you learn how the brain works in relation to anxiety, depression and phobias and as a result you will have the tools you need to very quickly and easily make simple changes that will affect how you feel every day. Clients often come to me feeling a bit stuck and unable to really get on with their lives, knowing that they are worrying about things they see other people managing easily and not sure why they don't have the energy, confidence and calm inner feelings they would like.

They very quickly learn how to access the parts of the brain that have the answers they need and are able to make change easily and happily. 

We now know that revisiting past traumas and life events is often unnecessary and can actually retraumatise the client and that moving on can be achieved more efficiently by other means, including hypnosis and other solution focussed practises.

Please do get in touch on 07530 959 897 if you would like to come for a free initial consultation or to discuss what's going on for you and if I can help.