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Therapeutic self development through interactions with horses. 


Equine Assisted Therapy 

Time to reset, relax and learn with our natural companion for over 4000 years - the horse.

Build confidence and communication skills whilst having fantastic fun.


Learn how to successfully interact with our beautiful, friendly ponies supported by our professional therapists and facilitators.


  • Increase confidence.

  • Improve social, communication & life skills.

  • Increase self awareness.

  • Develop self control in response to stress.

  • Relax & reduce anxiety.

  • Harness intention & focus. 

  • Connect with feelings. 

  • Explore unhelpful patterns & beliefs. 

  • Experiment with relationships and choices.

  • Have fun & brighten up your week!


Who is it for?


Brookehaven Equine Assisted Learning is suitable for anyone who wishes to try this effective therapeutic approach. Minimum age 8 years old. If you have any special requirements please discuss this with us and we will do our best to find a positive solution.

Every person, horse and moment is different and so whilst there is a basic goal, structure and form to each session there is a great deal of flexibility to allow space for genuine positive interactions between horse and participant. 

Participants are supported to make progress at their own pace and we encourage self motivation and direction as part of the process. The activities are chosen based on the participant's  personal goals as well as their capabilities and emotional state on the day so each participant can

build trust and confidence in their own abilities.

We build on each step of success throughout each session and over weeks, months or even years. We support our participants to continue making progress as they hone their equine handling skills, their personal development and build a fantastic tool kit of life skills.

Topics include:

Horse handling

Horse management & care

Equine behaviour

Leading & control.

Natural horsemanship - use of body language and signals to encourage certain behaviours in the horse.

Obstacle courses

and more...

We do not offer ridden work. Ground work with the horses provides a unique opportunity to explore body language, intention, focus, direction, etc  and provides an excellent basis for this therapeutic approach. 

Beau & Bella.jpg

Session times, booking, etc

We currently offer 1-2-1 sessions between 9.30 and 2.30 for children, young people or adults. These sessions last up to an hour. For some participants an hour is too long and so we adjust the session accordingly so that they can maintain focus, interest and end on a positive note.

We have also have two youth group sessions running in collaboration with mASCot on Saturdays. We are currently operating a waiting list for these sessions via mASot.

1-2-1 sessions £50

Please contact us directly to discuss your needs and to book. 

Very best wishes,

Tara Bentall & Sophie Lever


Meet The Team

sophie head shot.jpg

Sophie Lever

Sophie is an experienced social worker and has been working with children with mental health, behavioural and emotional needs for over 15 years.

Sophie is a knowledgeable horse owner and handler. She has owned and trained Brooke (the horse and namesake for the yard) for 25 years as well as training many other horses and ponies.

Sophie is a patient, understanding and caring professional with a wealth of experience working with children and young people facing life challenges. She is able to influence her clients with her calm friendly approach and support them to feel comfortable and ease.

outdoor headshot (2)_edited.jpg

Tara Bentall

Tara is an experienced Alexander Technique Teacher and also a Solution Focussed Hypnotherapist. She has been working with clients for 7 years to successfully help them overcome anxiety, depression and panic issues and also works with clients on pain management.

Tara is an experienced horse woman with an Equine Studies Hons degree and a keen interest in natural horsemanship and groundwork.


She brings a positive can do attitude, energy, enthusiasm and a light touch to her work with clients helping them to feel relaxed and at ease in themselves and their environment.



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