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Holistic Therapy for Horse Riders in Sussex

“The Alexander Technique removed a long standing back problem and improved my riding ability.

Riders who take up the technique always make a very significant improvement in their riding.”

Daniel Pevsner, Fellow of the British Horse Society

I can help you:

  • Reduce stress & tension, both physical and mental.

  • Manage back, joint and other chronic pain.

  • Overcome anxiety.

  • Become confident and relaxed in challenging situations, whether in relation to your horse's behaviour or competition.

  • Understand body language and communication in more depth.

  • Improve balance and coordination.

  • Become more supple and elastic through your back and seat.

  • Increase freedom in hands, arms and shoulders.

  • Improve sense of feel and contact with the horse.

  • Engage with your goals in a more thoughtful and logical way.

These skills are not limited to when you are riding, they can be very beneficial for all aspects of your life.  

"It is only when we genuinely attempt to preserve our balance by suppleness and poise rather than strength of grip that we realise how difficult it is to distribute our weight equally on both seat bones"

The Way to Perfect Horsemanship by Udo Burger.

Using excess tension when you ride interferes with your own and your horse's movement & emotional state.

Some of this tension goes unrecognised by the rider as it is habitual and so just feels normal. You could be aware of other tension or know that you are getting stressed and not know a way out.

Sometimes you only notice how tense you were when you let it go. Then you have a wonderful 'aha' moment, you say to yourself 'why was I doing that?' and feel a sense of relief at not having to do it anymore. Has anyone ever given you a spontaneous shoulder rub and you suddenly realise you had your shoulders round your ears? 

This tension can be everywhere - throughout your neck, back, legs, arms, joints and even your thinking!!

I can help you learn to find a way out and have a beautiful experience of coming into better balance, coordination, poise and mobility through the use of the Alexander Technique.

A calm body goes hand in hand with a calm mind.


I also use Hypnotherapy, which works very well with the Alexander Technique to give you the tools you need to feel confident.

You do not need to be 'susceptible' or have any skills for Hypnotherapy to be effective. Modern neuroscience has clearly explained the phenomenon and in your sessions I will show you how and why this technique works so you can use it for yourself whenever you like.

Learning these exceptional skills will last for the rest of your life. The investment of your time and money will pay many times over. It is effective not only for your riding but in all areas of your life, including your relationships, work and overall wellbeing. 

You will feel centred and confident - and so will your horse!

What do I do?

I am a Clinical Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Alexander Technique Teacher and I have over 35 years of experience with horses, including an Equine Studies Hons degree.


I teach using my hands and voice helping riders make progress more easily and effectively.  Improving your riding is about change and it's hard to change when you are stuck with postural habits you are not even aware of. You will be able to see this more easily in other people! But you can become aware of those habits and then make different choices.

This will lead you to your personal best.

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Give it a go

'The Alexander Technique is one of the most valuable tools a rider can possess'

Carl Hester, London 2012

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Please contact me now if you would like to discuss what going on for you

call  07530 959 897.

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