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What I can help with

I offer 1-2-1 individual lessons that are specifically tailored to you and your health or performance needs.

I work effectively online or in person where I use gentle manipulation to teach you how to release tension and carry yourself well.

Looking at your personal habits of mind and body we can work together to find the best outcomes for you.


The key benefits of working with me are: (please click for more info)

Manage chronic pain effectively.

Reduce physical & emotional stress.

Enjoy great posture & efficient movement.

Understand your body & mind in more depth.

Improve performance in sport, drama & music.

Pain management, lower back pain treatment, leg pain therapy

Other therapies could be compared to a mechanic for humans, i.e. very helpful for directly fixing things. Alexander Technique is more like a driving lesson to learn to drive yourself well, i.e. take the hand brake off, get in the right gear, understand how to use your wing and rear view mirrors, etc. It is why the benefits are so many and so diverse.

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